How to Set up Activities for Your Event:

1. Pick out Activities

Design your own event by selecting from the list below. Minimum of 4.

2. Pick your Schedule

You can choose the time that these sessions will run to fit with your event schedule.

3. Your Guests Sign Up

When your guests register online they can select their choice in programing. If they forget they can sign up on site.

4. We run the Activities for You

We manage the registration list, gathering guests and running the activities.

Activity Menu

*Minimum of $2,500 from the selection below. Purchasing activities for guests is not a requirement for weddings/producers. 

*Registration Activities

This type of activity has a set number of opening due to teacher-student ratio, or availability of activity materials. Each of these have a thirty person capacity and you pay per person.

*Group Games

This is for engaging all of your guests at a given time. Charged as a bundle and comes at a fixed cost per session.

*Drop In Activities

This event type does not have a limitation on class size but is a drop in activity. Booked per session which has a range of time that it operates within.

*Group Entertainment

Passive or active entertainment for whoever wants to join in. Price is per session.