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You are Invited to the Wedding of

David Hawkins & Divah Alshawa

April 24 - 26

We are excited to host Divah and David at Camp Navarro! Please review directions and what to bring.

Accommodations are booked through the link to the right.

We look forward to seeing you at Camp!


Getting to Camp

Please print out our Directions to Camp as GPS can be faulty in the Anderson Valley, and some map services give the wrong directions.


Wedding Contact

For all questions related to the Camp, Wedding or Accommodations contact:

Divah & David

Phone: (562) 852-6600

             (562) 301-8141

Email: david.loves.divah@gmail.com


Pet Policies

Pets of any kind are not allowed at camp.



Cabin and tent assignments will be posted at camp and be available upon arrival.


- Electrical, 2- 8 beds, Shared Remodeled Bathrooms

- Adirondacks (Open Air Cabins), 

-Sleeping up to 8 individuals per adirondack, clustered through the Redwoods in nine camps

- TENT Camping

- Open festival style camping. Select your   own spot in our general tent camping area. 

- Recreation Vehicle

- Self Contained Camping Area

*See Map for Locations


Map of Camp Navarro