During this event Camp Navarro provided all activity and event programming, food, fun and lodging. It's a turn key program for the customer and their staff. All they do is show up with sleeping bags and personal items, prepared to have an adventure.

We had a great time last year! I’m still waiting for approval to do the trip again this year (although it was my highest rated trip of 2014!).
— Quinn, Event Manager for LinkedIn

LinkedIn arrived in late August with 200 of the craziest engineers on planet earth. In fact, most of them from all OVER the earth. Many of them had never seen a redwood, and we had fun telling them about the bears... 

It was all hands on deck as we led them through an active itinerary of fun and adventurous "Camp" activities. Bob led the wilderness fire starting classes, helping people understand their is no hacking a way to starting a fire. You just need to learn how. Christopher was the Archery Range commander and Mr. "Bull Horn" Brodeur keeping the crew well informed during Camp. Don led the hikers on nature walks, including a night time star gazing hike with over 100 people in tow. Deborah was traffic control, making sure things flowed in generally the right direction and on schedule.

In the end, they left excited, sunburned, well-fed, exhausted and connected with each other to a degree many had not experienced before, thanks in large part to strategic WiFi shutdowns.