Camp Navarro on Al Jazeerah

Ready to get digitally detoxed in the redwoods, Al Jazeerah is highlighting detoxing at Camp Navarro and the excellent work of Camp Navarro and Digital Detox accomplished this year allowing individuals to reconnect with nature, themselves and each other.

This is a 45 minute special showing the opportunities we offer at camp. Jump forward to the 24:08 to see the magic.

Forbes: Digital Detox: Summer Camp For Adults

At Camp Grounded, participants shed both their professional identities and their digital devices to re-explore play, make networking-free connections and step back from their technology and career-driven lives.

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Inward Bound: Summer Camp for Adults

Color wars. Village communities demarked by wildlife flags. A reveille bugle to wake us every morning. The 325 of us, ranging in ages from 19 to 67, were warned. We were prepped. But it was only when we stepped deep into the cover of 80 acres of cool redwoods in Anderson Valley (three hours north of San Francisco), into a 1970's boy scout camp straight out of Wes Anderson's wildest dream that we realized, finally, where we were.


Inward Bound: Summer Camp for Adults