Sample Event

Christopher and Claudia have chosen to host a celebration festival for their most intimate family and friends. Their wedding budget is only $10,000 for a destination wedding weekend - Heres how they can do that at Camp Navarro.


Sample Package for Chris & Claudia:

$   10,000 - Site Fee

$   6,800 - Catering for Four Meals

$   1,200 - Additional Optional Activities

$   18,000 - Total

Cost Per Person with Guests paying for their own meals and Activities:

$80 - Activities and Meals for the weekend per guest.

$150 - weekend accommodations fee.

$230 - per adult guest for weekend accommodations, meals and entertainment.

What's Included for Your Guests:

Two Nights of Accommodations

Meals for the weekend

Your selection of entertainment like Archery, Campfires, Wilderness Fire Starting Classes, live bands, and more

Chris & Claudia can meet their budget by having their guests contribute $80 per guest for the weekend. Where on earth could a wedding guest get food, accommodations and entertainment for only $115 per night?