Camp Deep End 2, September 22-25 2017

Game on folks! Building off the incredible experience of CDE1, Deep End #2 is ready to rock the Redwoods. 

We are deep into planning this years event and though last year was just about perfect, we feel we can collectively raise the bar even higher this year and take the MAGIC to 11....

We welcome your ideas, input and involvement as we strive to build community and elevate the experience. Feel free to reach out to us at and get ready for the best weekend of the year. Thanks for your support and wonderful energy and spirit.

We are looking good, 100 hours and counting.....

The weather gods seem to be looking down on us!  We got some needed rain yesterday to cleanse the property and provide a bit of flow in the river and things are warming up nicely this week for Camp Deep End! Check your favorite weather site on Wednesday or Thursday (we use Accuweather) but it is looking like highs in the 70's and possibly low 80's and pleasant nights in the 50's, though a chance of dipping into the high 40's in the early morning hours.

We encourage you to visit our local businesses to and from Camp Navarro. Boonville has quaint shops, winery tasting rooms, bakery, a health food store (Bert's Boontberry) and you can pick up fresh beer at the Anderson Valley Brewery right as you enter town.

As you get close to or in the town of Philo (about 10 miles from Navarro), Gowan's Fruit Stand has just picked apples and fresh apple cider, and Lemon's Market has their own fishing boat and butcher so you you can grab whatever is fresh. Baxter has their tasting room in Philo and just before you get to Philo, The Madrones has 4 tasting rooms including our favorites, Signal Ridge and Drew. Stone & Embers in The Madrones may serve the best pizza in the state and if you like Pinot Noir, Goldeneye sits next door to The Madrones. Leaving Philo, Phillips Hill Winery, Navarro Vineyards and Lula are but a few of the amazing tasting rooms you can stop at. And the Navarro General Store (1.5 miles from camp) has gas, a deli, and basic market stuff as needed.





A schedule, map, activities, oh my....

We are getting close and the stoke factor is rising!

The event schedule and event map (please print at home) can be found at the top of the details page or here:

We are also really excited to have some amazing activities and programs taking place during the event. On Sunday from 12-2pm, our good friends from Juniper Ridge will be leading leisurely foraging walks around the property followed later in the day with a distillation of a fragrance called the Deep End Blend. These guys are extremely passionate about what they do and they create the purest products on earth. You will learn a ton, have massive amounts of fun and seeing the distillation and bottling take place is so cool. Learn more about our friends at and they have some really cool videos at their Facebook page.

Getting closer.....

Hey folks....Lots more updates and details starting next week including the schedule! Right now, we still have some tickets available so if you have friends, fans or other families who would dig this event, get them on board. Tickets will not be available after October 1st or at the door.

We are super excited to have the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association pouring wines for us on Saturday afternoon. Our winery friends will be pouring the valley's finest wines and then hanging out afterwards to join the fun.

The bands are starting to plan in earnest for the event so feel free to make suggestions on their Facebook pages about what you want to hear. We will have a few other musical surprises in store throughout the weekend so the main stage will not be the only spot to catch the magic.

Rumor has it that the kids will be able to make some really cool puppets and the adults will be able to watch those puppets in action on Sunday. We will start the day with yoga and end it with quiet hours from 2-8am so we can hear the owls hoot.....

So much more to share in the days ahead including some of our amazing program contributors, tasty tidbits about the bands and cool things to do coming and going from the Deep End.

Only a 1000 or so hours to go!

Summer is winding down and September is almost here. Indian Summer is right around the corner. Kind of funny that our best weather is not in the Summer!?.....Anyway, for those already on board, we are excited to see you very soon. We have lots of cool activities and surprises planned. The bands are beginning to dig in on the musical side of things and magical sparks are sure to fly.
If you have friends who want to join us, it is probably a good time to motivate them as we have sold a majority of the tickets. The last official count had over 100 kids coming and creating lifetime memories...

For those of you being voyeurs and not on board yet. Just do it! We only get one shot at creating something for the first time and we are serious when we say we are all co-creating this event. Property + Bands + Activities + Nature + YOU = ????

In our next update we will tell you more about some of our special activities and people joining us.....

Camp Deep End is rolling along.....

Hi Folks,

It is August 1st and we are excited to present our first official update. First, we hope everyone is having a great Summer.

As of today, the event is about 70% to capacity and all the bands will offer the last of the tickets to their fans starting tomorrow. As we said, get your bootie or your friends booties in gear ASAP if joining us is a priority.

We are really stoked to add Jelly Bread and Chris Haugen to the fun! Both artists are a perfect fit for our vibe and very welcome additions. Check out their work if not familiar.

RV spots are sold out and teepees are still available.

The feedback on the event has been amazing and the concept seems to be resonating. The Redwoods await you and we will plan to do more updates as needed and as the event nears.


Stay tuned.....

Updates and information will be posted here leading up to camp. Check back soon.