One of the BEST places to relax, rejuvenate, and design incredible memories!

I have been to Camp Navarro on several occasions including mid-range/150+ person private  events, during holidays with close family and friends, for festivals and more. Each time, the staff, the programming, and the location would take my breath away. 

My favorite memory created at Camp Navarro was when my husband and I took our foster child (at that time) with us. Zarina, at 3 1/2 years old, was in LOVE. Living in San Francisco and being a parent for the first time almost immediately induces some sort of vacation time. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get away. With a private party of 10-15 people, we couldn't have found more peace, connection, and beauty than what we found in Camp Navarro. And, we also couldn't stop Zarina from telling everyone around her of her experience in the great outdoors!! Whenever I would ask her, "Can you guess where we are going?", her immediate response was, "CAMPING!!!!!".

Skip and Christopher -Camp Navarro staff members- were such a great team! We created simple programming which included outdoor activities, meal plans, and trips to neighboring wineries/cities and they assisted us, answered our questions, and gave recommendations for everything! 

In the evening, we were astonished at the camp's elegance - surrounded by outdoor hanging lights, blue grass music, and friends, we sat at picnic tables and enjoyed a delicious meal - a scene from your favorite romantic-comedy movie, I'm sure! Then, of course, a lovely fire in front of Shannon Lodge for everyone to divulge in tasty s'mores. It was perfect!

I RECOMMEND Camp Navarro to those looking for nature at it's finest, wonderful staff, impeccable programming, and the creation of -unforgettable- memories..