Important Info



Download Event Schedule & Map:

What's new in 2017?:

Here are a few things new for the 2017 event:

1) There will be a CAR PASS for those wanting to have their car in the 'FAR OUT' camping area. This pass will be 25$ and is being put in place to control and limit the number of cars in this pristine area to guarantee a quality experience for those camping in this area. If you plan to camp in your vehicle (but don't have an RV), you will need to purchase this pass and camp here. 

2) We have two new amazing chefs and a new wood fired pizza oven and farm. We learned a lot last year regarding the meal plan and on site cafe food (a la carte) and you can expect even better food and service this year. 

3) We made a ton of property improvements this year including ten new outdoor showers, main lodge upgrades and the conversion of 8 Adirondacks to 4 season cabins. These new cabins are found in the first three campgrounds on the left side of the campground. 

4) For those wanting a Teepee, you can now choose from a 'Deluxe' version with a queen bed and bedding provided or a Teepee with a basic setup including twin mattresses only and no bedding. Either way, it is a sweet convenient setup for all three nights of Deep End. 


Gates open at noon on Friday for Deep End. Do not arrive before this time and there is no lining up or waiting on Masonite Road. There is plenty of room for all so don't sweat it.

Unless you are an RV, bands and band guests included, you will enter in Gate 2 and register. Please bring a copy of your ticket order or know your order name or who your name is under.

After getting your wristband, based on where you are camping, you will go to/set up your camp and park in lot 2.


We learned a lot during our first CDE and we aim to improve the food plan in year 2 if you choose to go that route.

There are a few ways to do food while at Camp Deep End:

1) Bring your own food and cook and clean responsibly. We will have designated sinks to do dishes. You will need to bring a camp stove as no campfires are allowed. We have dish washing sinks to clean so we ask that you DO NOT clean items in bathroom sinks.

2) Purchase a Food Plan. This will include 5 delicious meals with healthy/vegetarian options (3 dinners and 2 brunches plus coffee on Monday morning). Meals will be served buffet style in the dining hall from 8:30-11am and 5-7pm. We are limiting this offering to 150 meal plans offered to guests so we can feed both the guests and the bands/staff with grace and style. There is no partial plan or buying of certain meals, sorry about that. Please see Meadow Cafe options below to plan accordingly for 'ala carte' options.

3) Supplement food you bring with items from our Meadow Café including great coffee and espresso type drinks, homemade muffins and scones, breakfast sandwiches and burritos, ice cream, tacos, bbq, fruit, snacks, late night munchies (will vary each night: pizza, tacos, etc..), etc. ICE will be available as well. On Saturday and Sunday from noon-9pm, we will have BBQ items (hamburgers, sausages, etc..) and pizza available. We also plan to do some cool oysters, both raw and cooked in our wood oven.

4) Visit local markets, restaurants, wineries and farms and enjoy the bounty of the Anderson Valley and Mendocino Coast. The Navarro General Store is about 2 miles from Camp Navarro and Lemon's Market in Philo has great sandwiches, fresh fish and meat to grill, etc...

Overview of Food Plan Meals: TBD shortly. Example from 2016:

Brunch: Eggs, pancakes, potatoes, bacon/sausage, cereal/granola, yogurt, fruit, coffee

Dinner: 1) BBQ Night (chicken, burgers, tri tip, portobello, sides, etc..), 2) Mexican Fiesta (authentic mexi food from our Oaxaca born chefs ) and 3) Italian Night ( pizza, pasta & meatballs, roasted garlic bread, farm fresh salad, etc..).


1) Bring your own and consume, share and dispose of empties in trash responsibly. We highly encourage you to support our local breweries and wineries! Please follow signage/rules.

2) We will host an Anderson Valley wine tasting on Saturday from 2-4pm !!! This is FREE and part of your ticket. NO KIDS are allowed in the tasting corral but we will have a special kids activity taking place to lure kids away or parents can split up as needed.


*Kids and adults can ‘drop-in’ to programs from 10am-3pm (adults can participate as well) including arts and crafts, archery, rock climbing wall, Totem Pole and wood carving, solar carving, foraging hike, fort building, and river exploration.

  • Games galore including Wiffle ball, Frisbee, corn-hole, bocce ball, ping pong, horseshoes and many more…
  • Nightly movies and s’mores. Movies will be shown in the lodge each evening from 7pm-11pm.
  • Bring bikes for your kids but helmets and closed toe shoes must be worn and no riding is allowed on Masonite Road.

GENERAL SCHEDULE/DAYTIME FUN (final schedule released soon)

We are crafting the event so you can enjoy the camp setting by day with music typically starting in the afternoon and main stage music going until 11:00 pm. If you choose, feel free to explore local state parks, wineries and attractions that are easily accessible with a short 5-20 minute drive.



  • Picnic & Happy Hour at 4pm. Bring your grub and libations to the grass plaza/main stage area.
  • 5:30PM Deep End Kick-off.
  • 8PM ALO (2 sets)
  • Late Night Shenanigans with Hot Buttered Rum


  • Yoga 10am
  • Kids Programs 10-3pm
  • 2pm Wine Tasting on Saturday
  • Special Acoustic Session on Sunday
  • 3:30pm – Main Stage Music Starts
  • 11:00pm Main Stage End
  • 11:00pm Late Night Session (saturday electric, sunday acoustic)



Camp Deep End is a camping event so bring your own tent or feel free to use/share the 21 cool Adirondacks (4 bunk beds/8 beds in each) that are around the property in our 11 campground villages. Tent camping is included in your ticket price. There is PLENTY of room for all so no need to freak out about space.

CAMP MAP: See top of page for map and schedule. Please print at home.

Teepee Rental:

For those wanting a convenient and spacious turnkey set-up, we have 32 teepee tents that can comfortably sleep 1-4 people.

  • 16 Teepees will be the 'Deluxe' version with Queen beds and bedding provided. Additional single beds available.

  • The other 16 Teepees will have mattresses on the teepee floor so just bring your sleeping set-up. These rent for for all three nights. Your teepee will have mattresses for the number of people in your party. Your event ticket is not included in your teepee rental.

Main Campground: This area is massive will be divided into two sections:

Far In: This area is closer to the lodge/main stage and campground shower house (12 showers). You will drive next to your camp area and drop your gear off and then immediately park in our upper lot which is close to your camp. You are a 1-2 minute walk to the main stage/lodge area.

**Far Out:

Anyone is allowed to camp in this area but new this year will be a car pass to limit car congestion. See Ticket page.**

This area is about a 3-4 minute walk from the main stage and is in the redwoods and is gorgeous. Two villages in this area have seven Adirondacks to use , three camping areas are wide open. Please follow signage closely in this area (thx!). We will have late night shows on friday and saturday in this general area so please consider this before camping in this area.

  • With a car pass, you can camp inside your vehicle/camper van** or next to/near your vehicle. Without a car pass, please unload your belongings and park in our upper lot #2 .
  • Camping is allowed but NO CARS allowed inside the Redwood Cathedral Grove, Cherokee and Miwok Village. This will be clearly signed.

Please drive slowly (5MPH) and read signs carefully.

Cabin Area: This area and neighboring redwood grove is reserved for bands, band guests, production and teepee rentals only.

RV & Trailer Camp:

You must get an RV pass to be in the RV area. We will only allow 16 RV in the designated RV area which is near the main cabins, main bathroom and main stage. RV and Cars with trailers can only camp in this area. Any unregistered RV"s will not be allowed onsite.

To sleep in your vehicle/camper van, you will camp in Far Out camping and need a Far out Car Pass.

You/RV will enter the property at Gate #1 and park immediately on your left upon entering. No Generators after 11pm.

  • It is first come, first served for those who purchase an RV pass. There are 8 spots with electricity but these are not reserved. Work together to welcome and accommodate all our RV guests.
  • No RV over 24 feet.
  • If you did not get an RV pass, please do not show up with an RV (duh :)) . Please email dan@campnavarroca.com to be put on a waiting list.


  • Go to the ticket page and purchase your tickets and any other options you may want (teepee, meals).

  • Adult Tickets are $185 - camping, music, programs included

  • Kids tickets are $95
  • Kids 2 and under are free. Kids ticket is good for ages 3-16.

  • You will receive an email confirmation upon purchase, this is your access to the event. You will receive a wristband when you check-in onsite at Camp Navarro.

  • Registration will occur via Gate #2 and all guests, except RV, will check-in here first before setting up your camp.
  • There are no refunds but you are welcome to transfer tickets. Please do so on your own or post at the CDE Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1837528619810140/


Friday: Noon-10PM

Saturday: 10am-4PM


  • THINGS to Bring: Flashlight/lanterns, Warm clothes and hats, towel, biodegradable soap, trash bags, water shoes, bedding if in teepee, camp chair, water bottle, wagon (for kids or gear), earplugs, bling bling, smiles....
  • We will post updates on this website at the Update Link as well as on Facebook. Check-in frequently.
  • We highly encourage you to avoid traffic on Friday and to arrive well before dark so you can settle in comfortably. If you leave before Monday, we ask that you walk your gear to your car and avoid driving onsite. Carts are available.
  • No fires are allowed except those lit by Camp Navarro each evening. There will be a few designated toasty fires each night.
  • No drums, No Dogs, No amplified music, No frisbee on the lawn, or saving huge amounts of space for others.
  • Kids two and under are free. if your child is older than 2, please pay for a ticket. We appreciate your understanding and honesty.
  • This is a rain or shine event. There are no refunds. Bring layers/cozy warm clothes. Fall days are typically sunny and in the high 60's and 70's with nights in the 50's or 40's. Check the weather and come prepared for whatever mother nature has planned. Use Navarro, CA when you search.
  • Sunset will be 7:09 pm so it will be dark around 7:30pm. Sunrise is 7:15am. We will have beautiful dark starry skies (bring flashlights).
  • Quiet hours are from 2am-8am. This means that if you are up after 2am that you respect other guests wanting to sleep or security will intervene as needed.
  • If possible, pack out as much of your trash as possible and do not leave behind random crap. Let's leave the property as we found it, pristine!
  • Party responsibly. Smoking is allowed in the back of music areas, this will be strictly enforced this year as needed, please respect others! The organizers have the right to remove anyone from the property for misconduct, trespassing or any other transgression not in the spirit of the event.
  • The property has robust WIFI but limited or no cell service depending on your carrier so plan accordingly. VOIP available.
  • Adults are responsible for your kids and take full responsibility for them. There are no lifeguards on duty by the river and all rules regarding bikes on property and staying off the main Masonite Road must be observed.
  • Please be aware of poison oak and ticks. Do tick checks frequently. The nurses station has information and can help as needed.
  • We are so stoked you will be joining us! ALO and HBR are beyond excited to host and jam for you. We love Camp Dances....