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Dear Deep End’ers…

Tickets will go on sale April 4, 2018. We all make the magic happen so bring a big heart, a sharing soul and your A game. 



Gates open at 11am on Friday. No early arrivals or lining up at the gate or anywhere on Masonite Road. There is plenty of room for everyone so no worries.

All guests except those listed below will enter at Gate 2 and immediately register next to the Main Lodge. There is no setting up camp/going into campgrounds before registering.

Band & Crew (not guests), RV and Teepee guests will enter at Gate 1 and then register.

Please bring a copy of your ticket confirmation or know your confirmation #. You will get a wristband at registration. If others in your group arrive without you, they will need to know your name and confirmation # to get a wristband.

  • We encourage you to arrive as early as possible and before it gets dark on Friday to avoid traffic and to settle in and enjoy the great music and setting. Traffic typically gets bad by 2pm in Novato/Petaluma so plan accordingly.


There are no refunds so if needed, sell/transfer your tickets to another party and notify of any changes to your reservation and forward this email to new attendees. No transfers will be allowed within 24 hours of event.

General Camping/Far Out Camp Car Pass/Teepees

Far In camping: Front half of the campground. Drop your gear off and park in upper parking lot.

Far Out camping: Back of campground. Open to all but a car pass purchased in advance is needed to keep your car in this area, otherwise unload stuff and park in upper parking lot. Folks sleeping in vehicles camp here but only with a car pass.

After registering, guests who know where they are going to camp will proceed into the main campground behind the main lodge and pull to the side of road (no cars are allowed in villages except in Far Out camping, see below). Unload your gear promptly and then immediately park your car in Upper Parking lot 2.

If you are not familiar with Camp Navarro, we encourage you to walk around first and find your desired spot rather than driving around searching.

Those with a Far Out Car Pass/Sticker will continue to the Far Out part of the campground (clearly signed where area begins) and park only where cars are allowed in clearly signed areas. Anyone can camp in this area but you will need a car pass to keep your car in this area. Otherwise, unload your car and move your car to the Upper Parking Lot.

Teepee Guests will park in parking lot 1 and then walk over to the main lodge to get your wristband and teepee # assignment before unloading your stuff. Remember to bring bedding for all beds except queen bed in Deluxe teepees. Bringing an extra blanket for deluxe queen beds may be a good idea.

Food Offerings/Meal Plan

You are welcome to bring your own food and libations. No alcohol is for sale.

Camp Navarro will also have high quality food items for sale including authentic Mexican cuisine, BBQ, amazing wood fired pizzas, oysters, late night pizza/poutine and various selections from the café including a limited number of fresh lox and bagels each morning plus strong coffee. Please note, we are feeding a lot of people in various formats so hopefully we accommodate all food types but those with specific food needs will want to come prepared.

Schedule and details below:

Camp Navarro Café:

  • Ice, snacks, pastries, ice cream, fruit, etc.
  • 7-11am Breakfast: Bagels & lox, Breakfast Burritos, Pastries, Yogurt, Coffee...
  • 11am-11pm: Chicken Caesar Wrap, Mediterranean Turkey Sandwich, Grilled Cheese

Taco Station/BBQ:

  • Noon-5pm Friday, 7-3pm Sat/Sun
  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Fish, Chicken, and Beef Tacos
  • Quesadillas
  • Grilled Corn w/ Chili Lime Butter
  • Kobe Beef Burgers & Hot Dogs
  • Deep End Vegi Burger

Pizza Oven/BBQ/Munchies

  • 5pm-11:30pm
  • 5 kinds of Pizza, bread sticks, BBQ Sandwiches & French Fries/Poutine

Oyster Happy Hour

  • 3-5pm Sat/Sun

Coffee/Lemonade/Sno-Cone/Popcorn Stand

  • Coffee: 6-11am (inside café after 11am)
  • 1am-8pm: Fresh Mashed Lemonade, tasty sno-cones and popcorn for movies
  • We ask that you avoid disposable plastic water bottles and eliminate packaging/trash as much as possible.
  • Camp Navarro will provide the following food service/items.

Meal Plan:
Meals will be served in the lodge dining room.

  • Brunch: 8:30-11am
  • Dinner: 5-7pm


We have a few rules and we expect you to ‘self patrol’ but we will step in as needed. Please party responsibly and report anything ‘suspect’ to security or CN staff.

  1. Quiet Hours 2-8am. Please be considerate after 11pm and especially late night when pickin’, partying and roaming and try to keep kids ‘low key’ before 8am or send them over to lodge area to play.
  2. No Fires allowed in camps.
  3. No Smoking in main stage music area and high traffic public areas. Go find out of the way spots. Thx!
  4. Dance in the front, chairs in the back. Please remove chairs and blankets from the lawn each evening.
  5. No bike riding or playing of any kind on Masonite Road. No bikes on grass.
  6. Kids should wear bike helmets and shoes at all times.
  7. No lifeguard on duty at river & rope swing. Bring Water shoes.
  8. Keep your camps clean to avoid critters.
  9. Have the time of your lives but our neighbors and CN appreciate no yelling and screaming, especially after 11pm.
  10. Conserve water and please leave disposable plastic water bottles at home. Bring a reusable bottle/container as we have great water.
  11. Welcome folks into your camp area/No saving large swaths of space.
  12. Games only on back of grass area (soccer, Frisbee, etc..)
  13. Clean your dishes at designated wash stations and not in main sinks.
  14. No Dogs.
  15. No Drums.

What to Bring/What’s New/Reminders

  • Warm Clothes, water shoes, flashlights, extra batteries, ear plugs.
  • Camp Navarro has ten new outdoor showers, a new chef, farm and pizza oven, new carvings, new lodge stairs and other upgrades. Look around.
  • Get familiar with bands in advance of the event. Do not miss San Geronimo and Matt Butler’s set. Please try to stay until at least 6pm on Sunday!
  • Check the weather in the days leading up to the event, Search: Navarro, CA
  • Sunrise around 7am, Sunset 7pm- It’s the Equinox folks!
  • All guests need to depart by noon on Monday.

See you soon!